Club Meeting Sat 4/18

Our final SPSA Series race of the 2014-15 season is on Sat 4/18 @10:00 am.

After the race, there will be a cookout and a general membership meeting at the Sailing Center starting around 4:00 pm. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad provided. We encourage you to bring sides, deserts, etc. We will have water and soft drinks, but otherwise it’s BYOB.

Please come to the general membership meeting even if you don’t sail! The SPSA needs your participation and input.

At the general membership meeting we will discuss the plans for the summer , including sailing rendezvous and other non-sailing activities. We will also be asking for your ideas.

It is already time to start planning for next year.

  • We have a tentative racing schedule
  • We have some ideas for other club events
  • We will start taking membership renewals (bring you checkbook).

Also we will be seeking nominations for officers and volunteers for committees for next year; it is already time to start organizing for the St. Petersburg Classic Regatta.

Your participation and input is vital for SPSA to continue to grow and improve.
You are always encouraged send your comments, suggestions, etc. to us. Email us at

2014-15 Series Race #13-14 results posted

The results for Saturday’s race are posted on the website. It was a very light air day, with a postponement for the start of race 1 for about half an hour till we had enough wind to start. The strategy was simply to sail where there was wind, not necessarily where you wanted to go! The wind picked up just enough to make race #2 sailable however dropped to zero on the last leg for the tail end of the fleet. The crowd gathered afterwards at Courigan’s again to cool off… The St Pete Grand Prix crowd drank all the Reef Donkey last weekend, so we had to settle for what was left.

With one race left to go, Mi Sueno leads Desiderata by two points in cruising, Eclipse leads One Up by 1 point in non-spin, Tack-Tick leads Warrior by 1 point in Spin A, and Odyssey has clinched first place for the season in Spin B. Remember, tie goes to the winner of the final race!!

Our final race of the 2014-15 season is in two weeks, on Sat 4/18 @10:00 am. There will be a cookout and a general membership meeting afterwards at the Sailing Center around 4:00 – stay tuned for the official invite from the Commodore. At the general membership meeting we will be seeking nominations for officers and volunteers for committees. We will discuss the plans for the summer and next season, and start taking membership renewals. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad provided. We encourage you to bring sides, deserts, etc. As usual, it’s BYOB. Please try to make the meeting even if you don’t sail! If you can’t make the meeting, please forward nominations, suggestions, etc. to the

Note, if there is anyone interested in being the race committee boat on a regular basis next instead of racing next season, let us know. This would allow us to have more boats actually racing.

Season Standings

Race Scoring using the Time-on-Time Method

For the series races, SPSA uses the “Time-on-Time” method prescribed by US Sailing. This method better compensates for large handicap spreads in PHRF sailing clubs and allows for adjusting the corrected time by a wind factor to give more time allowance for light days.

The formula for the “Time Correction Factor” is: TCF = A / (B + PHRF)

US Sailing suggests that A be set to 550, but notes that any value can be used. The Regatta-Tech software uses the same value for the A & B variables when making a wind adjustment.

The B variable is the wind correction factor. The use of this is subjective from club to club. Typically we use the following values to adjust for the various wind conditions:
480 – Heavy, 15kts +
550 – Average, 10-15kts
600 – Light, 5-10kts
650 – Calm, 1-5kts

The corrected time is then calculated by multiplying the elapsed time by the TCF.

So given a PHRF rating of 194, a light day, an elapsed time of 43:53 the corrected time would be calculated as follows by the Regatta Tech software:

600 / (600 + 194) = .7557
43:53 = 2633 seconds x .7557 = 1989.7 seconds == 33:09.7

For complete details, see: US Sailing Time-on-Time

2014-15 Race #11 & #12 Results are Posted

Another beautiful day on Tampa Bay… Except for the hole in 2nd race that a few of us sailed into and abruptly came to a halt. A little light on the wind, but we made it around and it was a fun day. Today’s race conflicted with huge Island Nautical flea-market and that impacted participation a bit. I know I skipped the first race to make it. Next season we’ll try to coordinate our race schedule with our Sponsor, Island Nautical so we don’t overlap. After the race, several of us managed to navigate our way through the maze of the St Pete Grand Prix track to meet up at Corrigan’s for some post-race refreshment.

I wish to extend a big welcome to the USF Offshore Sailing team which has joined our series with their J/24 “Anarchy Panda” in the Spin B class. If any of you guys have some left over J/24 gear you don’t need, these guys would probably love to have it.

Series results can be found at:
(click the more detail to see individual corrected times)

Upcoming in April we have our final two series races of the 2014-2015 season on Sat 4/4 & Sat 4/18. Those of you in the trophy hunt can’t afford to miss a race right now, everybody is VERY close.

Stay tuned for some summer schedule updates. We have a variety of non-race events being planned for the off-season.