St. Petersburg Sailing Association, Inc.

2021 Couples & Double-Handed Regatta - Entry List

Entry Sail Nbr Boat Name Skipper Handicap
 Class 1: one male sailor, one female sailor
    1 Lewis Lewis (Sonar-Non Spin) George Lewis OD
    3 138 Desiderata Richard Boler OD
    4 J70 RJT J70-Non spin Rich & Angela Treinen OD
    6 McGough Sonar-Non Spin Maurice Mcgough OD
    7 Dutch2 Sonar-Non Spin Els Wiemken OD
    12 1947 Qtpi James Kramer OD
    13 7 Silver Surfer Harvey Ford OD
    14 11 Tack Tick Jossette And Andrew Malti Cheney OD
    15 USA 800 Kelly -Non Spin Robert Demoss OD
 Class 2 is non-gender specific sailors
    2 632 Cayennita III Antonio Sanpere OD
    9 304 Surge Charles Archer OD

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