St. Petersburg Sailing Association, Inc.

2021 Commodore's Cup Results

PosSail NbrBoat NameSkipper1Total
111Tack TickJossette And Andrew Malti Cheney1.01.0
2unknownSaltedDee Gill3.0(DNS)3.0
1LewisLewis (Sonar-Non Spin)George Lewis1.01.0
2xToad Array (Sonar-Non Spin)Fritz Kloepfel2.02.0
37Last TangoDaniel And Noreen Dawson3.03.0
4115LegacyDave Roberts4.04.0
5206Koinonia IIGarth L & Janis C Reynolds5.05.0
6161FiddlesticksGuy Vandoren6.06.0
7138DesiderataRichard Boler7.07.0
8SwiggettSwiggett (Sonar-Non Spin)Robert Swiggett8.08.0
9102GaleneGerard Gaudry14.0(DNS)14.0
9632Cayennita IIIAntonio Sanpere14.0(DNF)14.0
9.ZephyrusDavid Hennig14.0(DNF)14.0
913BumbugoPenny & Robert Simone14.0(DNF)14.0
989.Ian Sanders14.0(DNF)14.0

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